To us, sustainability means taking care of the planet, the people we work with and a considered design process resulting in a more timeless product.


As a business we hold ourselves accountable to taking more sustainable measures each collection, and although we are far from where we need to be, here are some of the steps we are taking in addition to some we'd like you to take too.



Design products of a classic and timeless nature, avoiding trends.
Manufacture products of quality - made to last.
Garments to use biodegradable poly bags, or eco-friendly tissue paper.
Garments and objects to be sent in biodegradable courier mailers.
Paperless studio, or untreated recycled paper if necessary.
Working with Auckland-based embroidery & screen printing suppliers to produce only the garments we need, reducing waste.
Seek recycled or dead stock fabrics where possible.


Please help us reduce the returns rate by thoroughly viewing our size chart or by messaging us on Instagram.
Open air drying will produce less emissions and prolong the life of your garments. Please avoid the dryer at all costs.
If you damage a garment or you no longer want it, please get it repaired or donate it to someone less fortunate. Alternatively send it back to us and we'll recycle it for you.