A life well-designed.

Life is continual refinement. From the choices we make to the values we embody.

Embracing what propels us. Rejecting what doesn’t.

The measures of a life well-designed. Porter James Sports is this idea in practice.

A guiding ethos, shared and celebrated, through transitional fashion and timeless style.


We have partnered with ONE TREE PLANTED, contributing $1 for each sale to their sustainability initiatives. On behalf of our customers, our donations go towards New Zealand forestry, planting native trees like Kauri and Pōhutukawa. Find out more here.

Additionally, Porter James Sports is proud to partner with USEDFULLY®, a New Zealand based low carbon clothing system, where textiles are utilised to their full potential. Through technology and cutting edge research, USEDFULLY® have developed innovative solutions, like this one that turns wasted fabrics into usable roading. Find out more here.

Sounds for Living

Curated playlists and audio experiences created by our community, for our community. Explore by clicking the images below.