A life well-designed

Life is continual refinement. From the choices we make to the values we embody.

Embracing what propels us. Rejecting what doesn’t. The measures of a life well-designed. 

Porter James Sports is this idea in practice.

A guiding ethos, shared and celebrated, through transitional fashion and timeless style.





With over 24,000 people and their families experiencing terminal illness in New Zealand each year, the emotional toll also comes with the loss of a most precious resource; time. 

Time Out is on a mission to give time back. 

A not-for-profit charity, TimeOut connects generous holiday homeowners with terminally ill patients, gifting holiday experiences, connection and the chance to create lasting memories. 

With your help, Porter James Sports is proud to contribute $1 from every online order towards this meaningful cause. 
Thank you for your support.

To find our more or donate further, please view their website.